Kettlebell training for sports and recreation


Upgrade your Kettlebell knowledge!

Learn everything about the equipment that every PROFESSIONAL and RECREATIONAL ATHLETE needs!

Change your body
and your abilities!

Today, every gym or fitness center has KETTLEBELLS. Many PROFESSIONAL and RECREATIONAL athletes use them efficiently in their training! 

Also, many FITNESS and CONDITIONING coaches use many benefits of this piece of equipment in their group and individual trainings!

In order to make KETTLEBELL training efficient, safe and interesting, you need to be familiar with the learning methodology of certain exercises, different variations of exercises, and training protocols which will lead you to your desired goals!

Who can participate?

This seminar is intended for all fitness and conditioning coaches who want to learn how to use KETTLEBELLS for their clients’ benefit and all professional and recreational athletes who want to use it in their own training!

What do you get?

This ONLINE seminar provides over 100 video exercises with kettlebell methodology and exercise variants. You also have access to expert help with correcting and enhancing your technique, as well as advice on applying this in fitness and conditioning. With this ONLINE seminar you receive access to LIVE seminar completely for free – you will be notified about the date.

What is the goal of
this seminar?

The goal of this seminar is to help everyone who wants to learn about kettlebells and apply this in their own training or training with clients. Today we have various time limitations and limited access to centers which offer learning about training technology. This is why this seminar has an ONLINE version and a LIVE seminar. It allows everyone to start educating themselves and make progress right away. In order to be a successful fitness or conditioning coach, you need to know about kettlebell training methods and protocols.

Seminar content:
Kettlebell training in sports
and recreation

  1. Introduction
  2. Research about kettlebell training
  3. Kettlebell advantages
  4. Kettlebell training instructions
  5. Kettlebell exercises
  6. Kettlebell training programs
  7. Kettlebell trainings
  8. Other materials
  9. Literature
I have been using kettlebells for many years in individual and group trainings with my clients. I've also been to several seminars about kettlebells, however, only in seminar held by Marino Bašić did I learn the whole training methodology and how to teach clients about the correct technique the easiest and fastest way. Also, the seminar offers a huge base of kettlebell exercises, training examples, and ways to make training more interesting not only for recreational athletes but also professional ones. This is definitely one of the seminars I would recommend to all coaches who want to master kettlebell training and learn how to transfer that knowledge to their clients.
Anel Ramić
Fitness coach, Strong Life Fitness, Sarajevo