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Online training is a new and exciting way to give clients what they want and need without any limitations such as gym trainings and is also the cheapest way when compared to in-person trainings.

Online training can be done by anyone, anywhere – meaning there are no limitations in terms of distancing or equipment. Also, ONLINE COACH can provide support, motivation and training control better than in person.

Online training will provide you with CONTROL and FREEDOM. Maybe some of you will see it as a source of income, and some of you will do it only this way.

What is great is that you get to CONTROL when you work and with whom, and you have the FREEDOM to do other things. You can decide what your time frame will look like.

What are the benefits of ONLINE TRAINING?

  • Location will not limit you. You can work with any client anywhere in the world
  • It’s much cheaper for the client than training in-person
  • You can help more clients than if you were working in-person
  • You create your own schedule
  • Many clients can attend at the same time
  • Once you create the system, you can turn it „on“ and „off“ whenever you want
  • With the right training system, many online processes can be automated

How to create a successful ONLINE TRAINING business?

Many FITNESS AND CONDITIONING coaches want to make a successful ONLINE TRAINING business. This way they can have more freedom about time and increase their income as well as the opportunity to work anytime and anywhere.

However, to not wait too long and make too many mistakes, there is a way to organize your ONLINE TRAINING business – from choosing a client, talking to them, planning and programming trainings, and everything else a coach needs.

This is precisely the GOAL of this education. If you follow everything you learn here and apply it regularly, SUCCESS is guaranteed, and it’s only up to YOU how fast you will achieve this and what income you will get.

What will you learn through this EDUCATION?

  • How to get ONLINE CLIENTS
  • How to create a right OFFER for clients
  • How to make the right QUESTIONNAIRE for analysis
  • How to organize DAILY TRAINING
  • How to KEEP your clients
  • How to create the TRAINING PROGRAM which will help your client
  • How to create a NUTRITION PROGRAM which will help your CLIENT transform themselves
  • How to create a database of EXERCISES which can help you to be faster and more efficient with training programs
  • How to COMMUNICATE with your client
  • How to make CHANGES AND CORRECTIONS of training programs
  • How to determine the OPTIMAL price for your services
  • How to have more TIME for yourself
  • How to get EXTRA INCOME
  • How to have more FREEDOM and not depend on individual clients
  • How to make money while you’re on a TRIP or on HOLIDAY

How will I help you further?

  • You will get finished questionnaires for your clients
  • Finished training programs which will achieve your client’s goals – both for recreational or professional athletes
  • Ready-made forms and methods for testing and measuring your client’s success
  • Ready-made forms and methods for creating nutrition programs which work
  • How to conduct INITIAL interview with your client
  • You will receive my playlists with over 500 exercises you can use
  • You will get access to many other materials I haven’t yet showed to anyone, which work successfully
  • I will recommend my clients
Education lasts for a YEAR! I will be available all the time to help you! Already after 2 weeks of education you can start working with clients and make money!

What does ONLINE FITNESS ACADEMY consist of?

consist of?

  1. Educational video materials (50 videos)
  2. Private Facebook group with over 50 posts about ONLINE business
  3. Educational texts
  4. Direct phone calls with me
  5. My help with creating your ONLINE business
  6. ONLINE educations
  7. Calculator for measuring and testing
  8. Created training programs (over 100 ready programs which complement each other)
  9. Ready-to-use exercise lists
  10. Marketing tools which will help you advertise
  11. Other helpful things
  12. Advice and instructions which will lead to definite success and profit

What our clients say?

I first heard about Marino in 2003-2004, although we didn't hang out privately at KIF in Zagreb, I always kept my eye on him (on the sidelines, he was just different, I don't know how to describe it to you, you know that feeling). He was one of the best students and had great authority throughout the faculty in terms of his knowledge and thinking. As we each created our own story in life and business, our paths diverged. But thanks to social media in 2017, I did one of the best things in my life. The story is this - as I followed Marino on social media, I saw on FB that he was starting with Basic PRO Coach certification (I knew I would give money for his experience - over 20 years) in a slightly different setting than in formal education, which is impeccable. And my first thought was - if I want to be better, I have to surround myself with better people than myself. And Marino is one of the best and most experienced coaches in the Balkans. Now I come to the most important thing for all COACHES. After the certification, I practiced for a year with Marino in Basic Gym One Hall (to perfect what I learned and to become one of the best. Long story short, I couldn’t believe how the Basic Training for Life system affected my abilities and the abilities of my clients with whom I work individually and semi-individually in Zagreb. After that I became a part of his MEMBERSHIP group. Finally, in 2020 I started and finished the ONLINE FITNESS ACADEMY (and it is once again a level up - it brings invaluable lessons, content, structure, system). I definitely recommend it!
Kristian Amstrong
kinesiologist, CEO of BudiFit portal and coach of more than 1000 satisfied clients in 13 years
I have been in sports all my life and through it I have learned what values it provides us with. After graduating from the Faculty of Kinesiology, I decided to dedicate myself to fitness. Although I received a lot of information through school, I still searched and learned. I went through a lot of trainings and seminars. Each had its own weight with which I built my knowledge but also my experience. One of them that I would like to highlight - the ONLINE FITNESS ACADEMY. Through it, I have learned and understood how the virtual form of the fitness industry works and what benefits it provides us with. From how to find your ideal client, what type of service to choose, to how to place that service and have results worth mentioning. This is not an ordinary academy where you just receive a paper at the end, but you get a huge amount of tools, advice and, most importantly, constant support, which is extremely valuable in this business. Marino is always there for us. Just ask! I think that if you want to grow and progress every day, this education is the best you can invest in yourself. With a great expert and motivator, success is guaranteed!
Matej Paunov
owner of Pokreni se gym, Staro Petrovo Selo, Croatia
Such a great coach with vast knowledge but one of the few who selflessly shares his knowledge with us. He always finds time for advice, help and motivation whenever we get stuck. That is why without hesitation I recommend asking for Marino's help as a mentor, as a coach and as a colleague.
Be sure to contact him!
Snježana Panjkret
owner of Jump In gym, Zagreb, Hrvatska
I would like to thank Marino for collaboration at Online Fitness Academy and for helping me improve my business. A simple, approachable, professional person who will be of great help to you with his knowledge and experience, as he was to me.
Zdravko Soldo
fitness coach, Vienna, Austria

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