Get The Best Advice About Your Specific Situation By Croatia's #1 Strength And Conditioning Coach*

Have you always wanted to learn the secrets about training, nutrition, performance unlocking your true athletic potential etc.? Do you wish you had the chance to ask for advice one of the most experienced, prolific and knowledgeable people in the fitness world?

Well, give yourself a pat on the back because you now have the chance to receive personal and professional advice from Marino Basic himself, thanks to our exclusive online consultation service!

What Can You Expect From Marino Basic's Exclusive Online Consultation Service?

By choosing our exceptional online consultation service, you’ll be able to get relevant advice, directly from Marino himself! He’ll be helping you to realize your true potential – from becoming the elite coach that you’ve always wanted to be, to taking your athletic performance to new heights.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • 100% personalized approach to your individual needs and problems
  • Lesser-known quirks and advanced tips from Marino, has lectured to over 2,000 students regarding fitness and health
  • His personal advice, based on his authority
  • Receive personal advice from the authority in the strength and conditioning field – Marino Basic
  • You’ll benefit from his immense knowledge – he has authored two books, has a ton of science articles behind his back and he’s currently the fitness editor of the Croatian edition of Men’s Health
  • You’ll have Marino’s undivided attention for 1 full hour

What Exactly Are Marino Basic's Online Consultations?

They are a unique type of online consultations that let anyone from beginners and recreational athletes to professional athletes and coaches, to personally talk with Marino for a whole hour.

During this hour, you’ll be able to ask Marino all kinds of questions related to the health and fitness world. You’ll have the incredible opportunity to get relevant advice about your particular situation and concerns from one of the top dogs in the strength, conditioning and coaching game.

However, Marino’s expertise also extends to other aspects such as fitness management, organization and marketing. So even if you own a gym, fitness center or a health club, your business can greatly benefit from Marino’s 20+ years of experience in wellness, fitness and all things related!

Who Are These Online Consultations For?

Anyone who’s even remotely associated with sports, coaching, health, fitness, strength, conditioning and anything in-between, can benefit from Marino’s online consultation service, including:


Do you have issues with choosing the right program for each of your clients? Are you struggling to meet their fitness goals? Have you wondered how to address your clients concerns when it comes to injuries?

That’s where Marino’s vast experience and knowledge, as well as his professional and highly-relevant advice, comes in. He will be able to help you with:

  • Properly structuring your clients’ workouts
  • Giving you sound advice about preventing injuries
  • Finding an adequate plan to meet your clients’ goals
  • Guiding you towards the most effective workout methods and techniques

Fitness Enthusiasts

Stuck on a plateau? Scared of injuries?  Not gaining strength or muscle mass? Can’t seem to find the ideal workout program for you? No idea how much and what kind of foods to eat? Losing fat seems mission impossible?

Then this online consultation is your BEST bet! During one hour, you’ll be getting tons of useful advice concerning:

  • The ideal training method for YOU and your goals
  • What kind of foods to focus on and what to avoid
  • Supplements, whether you need them and how they might help you
  • How to choose a fitness mentor that’ll suit your needs
  • The best way to achieve the results that you want


Are you putting too much pressure on your child? Is he or she both physically and mentally exhausted due to high expectations during competitions?

Youth sports are definitely very demanding and can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on young aspiring athletes.  Thankfully though, the Marino Basic online consultation will provide you with the best possible advise so that your child succeeds in sports, like:

  • Helping you to find the most optimal parenting strategies so that your kid gains an athletic edge
  • Individual advise related to improving your child’s mental game
  • Encouraging you to help your child develop a mindset of a winner


Looking to gain an athletic edge, but simply don’t know how? Don’t worry, because Marino Basic sure knows how to bring out the best in athletes!

He has worked and is still working with various top athletes, including the Sinkovic brothers (Olympic gold medal, Rio 2016) and some of the worlds best tennis players. Here’s how Marino will take your performance to another level:

  • Personalized advise to improve your game
  • Improving your mental game by giving you advice how to develop a winning mindset
  • How to steer clear of awful injuries
  • Secrets and little-known tips that can skyrocket your professional career
  • What training methods might and might not help you become a better athlete

This Is Your Chance To Get The Advice That You've Been Looking For!

Book your exclusive online consultation with Marino Basic now and take your fitness and health endeavors to a whole new level!