Individual Online Coaching

Unlock Your Body's True Potential!

Don’t have the time to meet with your personal trainer on a daily or even a weekly basis? Perhaps you’re not a big fan of visiting gyms and weight rooms? Or maybe you just live in a remote area, thus making in-person coaching, an unviable option for you?

Thankfully, there’s a solution! It’s called Marino Basic’s exclusive individual online coaching and it incorporates a unique blend of strength and performance training, custom-tailored to YOUR specific needs!

A Personalized Online Training Services, Adapted To Your Individual Goals

Maybe you’re wondering how can I know what your goals and expectations are, without ever meeting in-person. That’s where the unique questionnaire that I’ve specifically designed for my online training comes in.

Before we start taking your body, mind and workouts to the next level, you’ll have to fill in a questionnaire that includes many key points, including:

  • Your goals and objectives (whether it’s losing fat, gaining muscle, becoming stronger etc.)
  • Your expectations of me
  • Your training experience
  • Your available equipment

Whether you’d like to lose some extra fat, gain more muscle or become stronger and more athletic so that you can gain an edge over your competition, you can count on me being there for you by guiding you towards the best version of yourself!

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You'll Receive Daily Support To Ensure You Meet Your Fitness Goals Faster

Not only will I create a unique workout program from scratch, that’s been specifically designed to achieve your fitness goals, but I’ll also be available for online consultations on a daily basis.

Forget about complicated contact forms, expensive phone calls and other unreliable and far from optimal methods for communication. By using my online coaching services, you’ll have access to the #1 personal training software – the Fitbot app!

From World-Class Athletes To Casual Fitness Enthusiasts, Marino Basic's Exclusive Online Coaching Was Created For YOU!

For Recreational Athletes

Whether you'd like to get that beach body you've always wanted or if you're looking to gain tons of strength, while also greatly improving your overall fitness level, this online coaching service is for you.

For Professional Athletes

Looking to take your performance, conditioning and strength to new heights? Then my individual, exclusive online coaching is exactly what you've been looking for!

Anyone is welcome – from football or tennis players to recreational athletes. You can benefit from the amazing results of my online private coaching, based around personalized and individual training protocols!