Mentorship for Fitness & Conditioning coaches


Achieve your coaching and business goals in a fast and efficient way!

Change the situation you’re in and make your plans come true!

With the right guidance, everything can be achieved much faster. You are capable of achieving great things, don’t let yourself be blocked, and don’t block yourself into staying average.

A lot of coaches didn’t achieve the great things they could just because they didn’t have the quality support and motivation that only a true MENTOR can give you. Family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, the environment, they will all slow you down in your progress.

There will be more of those who will tell you that you can’t than those who will tell you that you are on the right path and that you can make your dreams come true. Whose voice will be stronger? Theirs or yours?

If you have a MENTOR who has gone through that journey, who knows how you feel and what steps you are going through, then together you will be stronger than all of them and you will achieve the result.

Achieve your coaching and business goals in a fast and efficient way!

Why do you need

If you’re a FITNESS or CONDITIONING coach, you should be successful, have many great clients, work as much as you want and with whom you want, and earn as much as you think fit.

Maybe you think you can’t or you think you’re doing okay as it is!

But what does okay mean? Slightly better than average? You earn a bit more? You like your job a bit more than other people do? But the true question is, do you have freedom? Can you be absent for 30 days and return to your job with no consequences?

Do you really work with coworkers and clients you want to work with, or do you lie to yourself a bit and make things a bit prettier than they really are?

What are your true dreams and desires you haven’t shared with anyone out of fear they’re too big? I’m certain they’re not too big and that they can be achieved faster than you think.

That’s the role of MENTOR. To raise you up when you’re down, and to push you forward when you’re up. Success in the coaching business consists of a lot of things you need to be good at.

You need to become better, smarter, readier, stronger, more skilled, more capable, and all this is possible with the right support and with someone who gives you the right advice at the right time and someone that you know is always there when you need support.

consist of?

To be a successful coach (fitness, conditioning, or sports) you need to have certain things in order. They depend on what you do, but these are the topics we cover in MENTORSHIP, and you can choose the ones you want to spend more time on.

1. Analyzing your current SITUATION
2. Defining short term GOALS
3. Defining long term GOALS
4. How to conduct INDIVIDUAL and SEMI-INDIVIDUAL trainings – RECREATION
5. How to conduct GROUP trainings – RECREATION
6. How to work if you’re a FREELANCER (if you don’t have your own gym but instead work in a commercial fitness club with your clients)
7. How to work best if you’re an EMPLOYEE of a fitness center or gym
8. How to open you own TRAINING SPACE – studio, center, gym, and save time and money
9. How to create your own BRAND
10. How to use SOCIAL MEDIA for progress and profit

11. Which EDUCATIONS should you attend (how to learn more in a fastest, most efficient way)
12. How to conduct ONLINE training?
13. How to organize FITNESS and CONDITIONING camps
14. How to conduct CORPORATIVE fitness (working with companies)
15. How to find, obtain, and keep SPONSORS
16. How to conduct TRANSFORMATION trainings
17. How to choose TRAINING SYSTEMS and EXERCISES that work
18. How to write A BOOK or AN ARTICLE
19. How to film VIDEOS (which topics and in which way) and how to write POSTS
20. How to EDUCATE other coaches and coworkers

How does MENTORSHIP work?

MENTORSHIP takes one day, but we can agree on more consecutive days, or a day every once in a while.

MENTORSHIP starts at 8 AM and you are with me the whole day, until 8 PM. We go through the analysis of your business and I reveal to you my whole business, you get a complete insight into how I do things related to the gym, clients, education, business, how I organize myself, my day, time, what things I did well, what I did wrong, and what are my plans and ideas.

From all this we draw conclusions which will help you raise everything to a higher level (professionally, organizationally, business-wise and financially).

This is the whole concept of the KNOW – HOW BUSINESS: the presentation and discovery of how I’ve done things so far, and arranging your work based on that, so that you can do the same.

It is up to you to make as many notes, steps and everything else you need to do and change to reach the desired goal.

This is not only a business but also a mindset concept – how to organize yourself, how to have more energy and enthusiasm and how to transfer your winning attitude to your business, your associates and your clients. In essence, I show you the way, strategy and tactics of how to win in this “game” of fitness and conditioning.

How to approach MENTORSHIP?

If you recognize yourself in the thing below and wish to change that, trust me, it can be done in a single day.

Many things can be rearranged and changed, and a quality plan can be made for future business.

1. YOU WORK TOO MUCH (many coaches work as much as 14 hours per day)
3. NO TIME FOR PROGRESS (education – books, DVDs, attending seminars)
4. YOUR BUSINESS ISN’T ORGANIZED (private business, studio, center or gym)
5. YOUR TEAM ISN’T ORGANIZED (clients, coworkers, other contacts)
6. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE CURRENT TEMPO (what when you turn 50?)
9. NO QUALITY OF LIFE (you’re not satisfied with your current life)
10. NO FREEDOM (you depend on the place and people where you work and live, you have no freedom of time nor freedom to choose who you will work with and how)
11. NO BRAND (you’re not recognizable in the market, no passive client income, no passive income)

12. YOUR GOALS ARE NOT DEFINED (wishes and dreams are not the same as goals)
13. YOU’RE NOT VALUED IN THE PROFESSION (by colleagues/coaches)
17. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO LEAD PEOPLE (management and people skills)
18. YOU DON’T PROVIDE CERTAIN SERVICES (online training, conditioning, corporative fitness, diagnostics, transformation programs)
19. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO PRESENT YOURSELF (videos, topics, presenting in front of clients and coworkers)
20. YOU WORK OKAY, BUT DON’T KNOW HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS (many coaches struggle with making the next step and making their business “automatized”)

Don’t wait. Things won’t change by themselves.
The decision is yours. You are the one that needs to take a step further.
Your goal is realistic, accomplishable, and possible.
You just need help because no one ever did anything on their own – every successful person will tell you that!

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