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If you’re a FITNESS or CONDITIONING coach, then the knowledge and experience you possess means all the difference in the number of your clients and their progress. This MEMBERSHIP provides all needed information in a quick way.

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If you’re a RECREATIONAL or PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE and you want to know how to train yourself, how to improve, and you’re confused with all the different information found on the internet, this MEMBERSHIP is the right way for you. You will find answers to your questions and regularly receive new information on how to improve your training.

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  • EXERCISES – divided into SPORTS and RECREATION
  • TRAININGS – divided into SPORTS and RECREATION
  • OTHER MATERIALS – lot of materials for training, nutrition for sports and recreation, all to be downloaded and used
  • FACEBOOK GROUP – automatically you become a member of the FB group which hold additional materials for sports and recreation and replies to many member questions.

Everything within the MEMBERSHIP comes from my experience of working in fitness and sports for 20 years – as a fitness and conditioning coach, lecturer, professor, gym owner, and through my cooperation with world’s renowned experts in this field.

Impressions of some fitness and conditioning coaches who have the MEMBERSHIP for LIFE!

I don't think Marino Bašić's knowledge, quality and experience need much talk – nor his dedication to his work and quality ideas from newest training methodologies. Membership program is a well-rounded story and a place for all coaches who want to upgrade their business and knowledge, regardless of their area of expertise. The program is full of content that can be used in conditioning, technique learning (from bodyweight to specific equipment), prevention and rehabilitation. There are also plans and programs for developing different capabilities and training examples for professional and recreational athletes in different sports. The program is regularly filled with new content which is explained in detail and easily applicable. I would recommend it to all coaches, those who are just starting out and those who have been in this line of work for a long time – Marino's mentorship and Membership program is not easy to explain but the moment you start with it, you will understand the quality and level of support you have and receive.
Matej Paunov
fitness center „Pokreni se“, Staro Petrovo Selo
Marino's membership is one of the best things you need if you want to grow as a coach. I'm extremely satisfied because he provided a lot of excellent information for conditioning and fitness programs for my professional and recreational athletes. This involves many video trainings, tools to enhance your training sessions, and exercises you can't find on the internet. If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best – this is why I recommend you invest into the membership to be a good and well informed coach. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the best.
Darko Pirc
Cross Sport Delnice
Marino's membership is an excellent choice for every coach – fitness or conditioning. He helped me in my work with athletes, all new and verified exercises I introduced in training programs proved to be great, and we raised the quality of recreational training as well. We all have a period of time or a client where we need something different and new to provide quality – this is where membership helped me many times, especially with athletes. I definitely recommend Marino's membership for all coaches striving for more quality because this really works and helps.
Bojan Marčić
Fit Beat Kastav


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