Seminar: FITBALL

Upgrade your

Fitball is an excellent piece of equipment for recreational and professional athletes – especially for core exercises

Fitball is easily accessible
and cheap piece
of training equipment which can be used both in group and individual training!

Even though most athletes and coaches use only a couple of exercises, there are many uses of this tool in recreation, conditioning, rehabilitation and prevention!

Fitball can also be used very efficiently in group trainings!

You don’t need to search for exercises and divide them into movements, muscle groups and training goals – you get all this and more in this seminar!


Who can participate?

This seminar is intended for all fitness and conditioning coaches who want to learn how to use this equipment for their clients’ benefit and all professional and recreational athletes who want to use fitball in their own training!

What do you get?

This ONLINE seminar provides over 100 video exercises with exercise explanations and demonstrations. You also have access to expert help with correcting and enhancing your technique, as well as advice on applying this in fitness and conditioning. With this ONLINE seminar you receive access to LIVE seminar completely for free – you will be notified about the date.

Other than professional education, the goal of this certification is to form the community of high quality coaches, strengthen the brand and quality of each individual, and provide business support.


What is the goal of
this seminar?

The goal of this seminar is to help everyone who wants to learn this training technology and apply it in their own training or training with clients. Today we have various time limitations and limited access to centers which offer learning about training technology.

This is why this seminar has an ONLINE version and a LIVE seminar. It allows everyone to start educating themselves and make progress right away.

Seminar content:
Fitball training for
sports and recreation

  1. History of fitball
  2. Advantages of Swiss ball training
  3. Choosing the size of the Swiss ball
  4. Progression methods
  5. Additional instructions
  6. Performing the exercises
  7. Training programs
  8. Literature
  9. Practical exam
The one tool I haven't used much in my gym is fitball – I was familiar with some of the exercises, but after the online seminar with my mentor Marino Bašić, I learned about the exercises fit for recreational athletes. They reacted really well to the fitball training because it allows them to perform the exercises they used to do only with their bodyweight – fitball helps with developing stability and balance. I would like to recommend this seminar to everyone who wishes to advance in their line of work; for a higher quality training session and new and interesting features for your everyday sessions.
Lino Miani
Online fitness coach for women

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