CONSULTING for coaches


Become more successful and reach the desired goals with the correct mentorship, advice and support!

Mentor will show you a better path to success and save you from mistakes and problems
on the way!


If I had this knowledge 20 years ago, it would take me 5 years to achieve the success I have now, and I would also avoid the stress, problems – both professional and financial – and I would reach my desired goals much sooner.

Experience is the most important. If I was opening a fish restaurant, I would go to the person who owned a fish restaurant even if their business failed – you can still get a worthy advice on what to do and what to avoid. These advices are priceless, they can save you money and a whole lot of irritation, as well as speed up your own business.

Some of my mentors gave me valuable advice in as little as 30 minutes, which helped me solve some of my questions and doubts and raise my business to a higher level incredibly fast. They also boosted my confidence at the right time, motivated me, and made me feel supported. Asking them for help ended up being one of the most important things.

I would like to do the same for you and provide you with quick and efficient solutions for a situation you’re in – and let you know which steps to take in order to advance.

This is why I decided to offer you consulting services.

Who are consulting services intended for?

Whether you’re just starting with the fitness and conditioning business and you need help with the beginnings, or you’re in this line of work for a long time already but you need help raising it to the next level, this consulting is the right way to go. My clients are students of kinesiology and other sports colleges, fitness and conditioning coaches, but also owners of fitness centers, gyms and various functional centers. Some of them are yoga or pilates instructors, as well as physical therapists and kinesiotherapists.  


What does consulting look like?

After you send a message, we can agree on the timing which suits both you and me. I offer consulting services via phone (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype) or however you prefer. My advice is to prepare all questions in advance (you write them prior to the consulting) and I answer them, and then we make a strategy on which steps you need to take to achieve the desired goals. These steps can be short term (for the next couple of months) or long term (for the next couple of years).  

"A good coach needs to be as professional as possible towards their clients in both professional and recreational sports – so that the clients' results can be the best they can be. This is why it is necessary to keep educating yourself about training methodology, exercise choice, communication, training organization and programming. Consulting with Marino on a regular basis helped me advance my business, provide a high quality service to my clients, and choose the right methods, exercises and programs for them – in order to help them efficiently reach the desired results. I would highly recommend consulting with Marino to every coach, it will help you avoid getting lost in the world of fitness and conditioning. With his unselfish help you will be able to climb higher on your business ladder. Marino is a man with experience, considered to be the best coach in Croatia for a reason, and his enormous experience with top notch athletes can help you whether you're a beginner or whether you've been in the fitness world for a long time already.“
Ivan Vuletić
Fitness and conditioning coach, Nikšić, Crna Gora
  • 45 minutes 69€ / 499 kn
  • 5 x 45 minutes 239€ / 1799 kn
  • 10 x 45 minutes 489€ / 3699 kn

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