Learn how to
using your

Exercise anytime and anywhere you become stronger, more endurable and correct your posture!

How to work out using your BODYWEIGHT?

There are three types of bodyweight training: 

Power – using a small number of reps and difficult exercises using a large percentage of your own body. The body is usually set in difficult conditions in terms of levers and performance.

Muscle endurance – combination of power and endurance with a moderate or large number of reps, using a smaller percentage of your own body.

Cardiorespiratory endurance – consists of a large number of reps, easier exercises and movements, usually with exercises such as rope skipping or stair/hill running.

What are the benefits of BODYWEIGHT training?

  • You can work out anywhere, anytime.
  • You don’t need equipment or a gym.
  • Efficient training method.
  • Enhances many abilities.
  • Burns fat.
  • Transfers well to everyday life activities.
  • Can be done by both beginners and advanced athletes.
  • It’s interesting and allows for many variations.
  • Bodyweight exercises are easily combined with other training methods.
  • Develops the body symmetrically.
  • Bodyweight training engages large muscle groups.
  • You can perform unilateral exercises (just one arm or leg).
  • The ability to control your own body is the basis of every sport.
  • Bodyweight training engages core muscles in every exercise.
  • Bodyweight training develops a large number of athletic abilities such as power, strength, balance, coordination, grace, mobility, flexibility, stability, endurance, precision.
  • It can make your posture better.

Who is this seminar for?

  • Recreational athletes who want to get in shape by using only their body and working out at home!
  • Recreational athletes who want additional bodyweight trainings along with their own (gym, fitness, sports)
  • Recreational athletes who travel (business, summer vacation, winter vacation) and want to keep working out (stay in shape or get into shape) but have no equipment available
  • Conditioning and fitness coaches who use bodyweight exercises in their work
  • Athletes who want to work on their conditioning

What do you get?

  • Over 100 VIDEO EXERCISES divided into movements, muscle groups, and training goals
  • A large number of METHODOLOGY EXERCISES for learning proper push up, squat, pull up, and other exercises
  • A large number of MODIFIED EXERCISES intended for everyone regardless of their training level – both for beginners and advanced athletes
  • A large number of TRAINING PROGRAMS for bodyweight training

Seminar content

  1. Bodyweight training
  2. Exercise division and classification
  3. Bodyweight muscle power training
  4. Bodyweight muscle endurance training
  5. Bodyweight exercises for health
  6. Bodyweight reset exercises
  7. Upper body – press
  8. Upper body – pull
  9. Lower body
  10. Trunk and core
  11. Neck and forearms
  12. Combinations
  13. Crawling
  14. Testing
  15. Training programs
On October 12th, 2019, I attended the Bodyweight seminar by Marino Bašić, and on June 20th, 2020, I attended it again to repeat the lesson. Attending the same seminar twice in such a short period shows how valuable they are to me and how much you can learn. I would recommend this seminar to all coaches (you need to know all the methods), recreational athletes (if you don’t have the time for a gym, you can work out at home), professional athletes (you need to be in shape, and you can do wonders using your bodyweight). I am a gym owner in Labin and I work with many recreational athletes - we use a lot of bodyweight exercises, especially with women, who tend to be “afraid” of weights. A famous coach once said you can perform bodyweight training anywhere - in prison, in your room, while travelling - and you need just what you already have: YOUR BODY. I would like to recommend this seminar to everyone - you will learn about a lot of exercises, and about things you can do make an exercise more or less difficult, depending on your goals. You will also meet many coaches and recreational athletes, and swap some experiences. If I can attend twice and enjoy it, why don’t you go at least once???
Alan Jakupović
owner of Seven gym, Labin
The only prop that is always available and completely free is your own body. You are a gym and a gym is always available to you. That is priceless. For that reason, everyone needs to rule the same. The bodyweight seminar at Marina just gave me all of that and gave me the answers to all the questions. Good methodology, movement patterns, exercises that you have never seen, exercises that you can use immediately and what is very well implemented in training. He helped me a lot in working with athletes and recreationists alike. Knowledge is the key.
Ognjen Jovanović
owner Elite fitness, Loznica

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