Making You Stronger, Faster And Healthier Since 1998

Regardless whether you’re a professional athlete or someone who has never exercised before, my strength and conditioning classes have been created for EVERYONE!

I know that you deserve a body that’s both more aesthetic and more athletic. That’s why I’m 100% committed to your success and I’ll help you become the best version of yourself by giving you the strong and healthy body you’ve always wanted! But you’re probably wondering who am I…

My Name Is Marino Basic…

And I’m a professional strength and conditioning coach from Croatia. 

Needless to say, I’ve been heavily involved in fitness and wellness since I was 15, so living a healthy lifestyle that ensures longevity has become a second nature to me.

Throughout the years, my hunger for learning new and exciting training methods and techniques never ceased. And with my relentless energy and insatiable thirst for knowledge about fitness and wellness, I was able to open my own gym (Basic Gym One), create the unique Basic Pro Coach certification course and even authoring two books –“Bodyweight Training” & “Basic Training For Life”.

I did all of this for YOU. Because you deserve to have access to the best and most relevant information that can help you live longer, happier and healthier.

I don’t believe in failure and I’ll always give everything I’ve got to help my clients achieve their goals.

How Can You Benefit From My Strength And Conditioning Classes?

As a strength and conditioning coach, my primary objective is to see you succeed – so, let’s make it happen!

For Professional Athletes

  • Workouts focused on improving strength and performance
  • Injury-free approach to high-intensity workouts
  • Custom-tailored training sessions for optimal results
  • Only utilizing tried and tested exercises and movements

For Anyone, Looking To Become Stronger And Sexier

  • Training sessions concentrated on improving personal health and longevity
  • Sustainable and safe training protocols to prevent injuries
  • Individual workout plans that suit your personal needs
  • Carefully selected exercises for YOU

And you know what? I personally believe that strength is the key to success in any sport. However, I also believe that strength can help you achieve phenomenal results, regardless whether you’re competing or not!

Want to learn more about how I can help you achieve your goals? Then head over to my dedicated strength and conditioning services page by clicking HERE.

Here are a few quick facts about me, concerning my expertise and experience in the fitness and wellness field:

  • Owner of Basic Gym One in Zagreb (11 000 square feet functional gym)
  • Lecturer on Fitness Academy and Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb
  • Finishing Ph.D. degree at Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb
  • Fitness editor for Men’s Health Croatia
  • Mens Health Croatia Cover page for November 2015
  • Author of books „Basic Training for Life“ and Bodyweight training“
  • Fitness coach for the Nacional Croatian Ski Team and the Croatian Tennis Association
  • Strength coach for the American Top Team Zagreb
  • Voted the best strength and conditioning coach for 2015 by Association of Strength and Conditioning of Croatia (UKTH)
  • Worked with pro athletes such as professional tennis player Milos Raonic, Borna Coric, Nikola Mektic (tennis), Ante Budimir, Adrian Semper (football), Filip Zubcic (skiing), Sinkovic brothers (rowing) and others 
  • CrossFit & Kettlebell StrongFirst certified
  • FMS (Functional Movement Screening) & Original Strength certified
  • Training for Warriors (TFW) & Bulgarian Bag Suples Fit certified
  • Steve Maxwell Kettlebell, Bodyweight, Breathing, Indian Clubs, Mobility certified
  • UEFA A football coach certified and SAQ (Performance Sport Movement Award – PSM)
  • Keynote speaker at various seminars including the Tennis Association of Israel, Tennis Association of Slovenia, Tennis Association of Kosovo, Swimming Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faculty of Sport in Ljubljana and others 
  • Member of Who is Who in Croatia“
  • Winner of Slovenian Football  Cup & Super Cup 2007/08 with FC Inerblock